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Man with eye glasses and hearing aid on his ear.
A Guide to Wearing a Hearing Aid with Glasses
Whether you’re new to wearing hearing aids or you’ve been prescribed glasses for the first time, you might be wondering…
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audiologist inserting hearing aid in senior's ear. getting used to wearing a hearing aid.
How to Get Used to Wearing a Hearing Aid
If you or one of your loved ones has recently been diagnosed with hearing loss, the prospect of wearing hearing…
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a young woman trying on types of hearing aids and selecting the best one
What Are the Different Types of Hearing Aids?
If you’ve recently been diagnosed with hearing loss, you may be curious about what the different types of hearing aids…
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a ear syringing procedure being carried out on a patient
What Happens During an Ear Syringing Procedure?
While ear wax may not look attractive, it’s your body’s natural defence mechanism to lubricate your ear canal and to…
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a young lady being measured and fitted for a hearing aid in wirral and discovering the cost of hearing aids.
How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?
In our previous blog post about how hearing aids work, we discussed what hearing aids are, how they work and…
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a man being tested for sensorineural hearing loss.
What Is Sensorineural Hearing Loss?
Conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss are the two main types of hearing impairment. Conductive hearing loss occurs because…
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A man having his ear syringed at Hearing Expert Wirral, ear syringing is an effective way to remove earwax.
How to Remove Earwax?
Earwax — also known by the medical term cerumen — is your body’s natural defence mechanism to keep the ear…
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Optometrist holding otoscope and examining a female patient's ear. This is what to expect during a hearing test.
How Long Does a Hearing Test Take?
There are three purposes of a hearing test. One is to determine whether there is a hearing loss problem. The…
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a young woman with hearing loss finding out how hearing aids work from an audiologist.
How Do Hearing Aids Work?
Across the UK, there are 11 million people with hearing loss — that’s around one in six of us. It’s…
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An older man having his hearing tested and investigating the cause of his hearing loss.
What Causes Hearing Loss?
Warning! Sudden hearing loss is a medical emergency. Seek medical treatment immediately (call 999). This blog discusses the common causes…
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