Ear Wax Removal Cost

At Hearing Expert in Wirral, our ear wax treatment cost is £60 for one or both ears.

Same-day treatments are often available by appointment only. To book an ear wax removal checkup, please call us on 0151 676 9993 or email at ian@hearingexpertwirral.co.uk.

Why Choose Hearing Expert?

As Wirral’s only independent, dedicated hearing clinic, we’ve been loyally serving the community for over 20 years. Our team of fully qualified audiologists and medical professionals pride themselves on taking the time to listen to every customer and adding a personal touch to every appointment.

We truly understand how embarrassing and frustrating ear wax build-up and hearing loss is because we know healthy hearing is vital to your quality of life. So, we strive to give you the care and attention you deserve by offering your ideal solution.

Whether you require ear wax removal, a hearing test or a hearing aid consultation, we promise after treatment, you will enjoy life’s simple pleasures without straining your ears.




Last minute appointment. Excellent service. Professional, efficient, trustworthy, courteous, reassuring all together amazing experience. Highly recommend. Thank you.

-Maria Polachowska

Great service – Ian was friendly, talked me through the process and offered to show my images inside my ear both before and after the wax removal process. It was quick, painless and my hearing was instantly improved. Highly recommended.

-Andrew Sweeney more

I have no hesitation in recommending Ian for anyone with hearing difficulties. I’ve been with Ian for several years now and he has never been anything less than thorough, professional and helpful.

-Brian Johnson

Ear Wax Removal Service

Before we proceed with any method of ear wax removal, we’ll first ask you to fill in an ear health questionnaire and consent form. This stage is followed by a painless video otoscopy to see what’s going on inside your ear. Once we confirm a case of excessive or impacted ear wax (also known as cerumen), we’ll discuss our recommended ear wax removal method. Treatment may include instrumentation (manual removal), microsuction or ear syringing (also known as ear irrigation).

Once your ear wax removal procedure is complete, we’ll provide you with professional advice on how to avoid a further build-up of ear wax, and safely care for your ears in the future.

To book your hearing assessment or to discuss your options, call us on 0151 676 9993, email us at ian@hearingexpertwirral.co.uk or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.