Ear Wax Removal Service

A build-up of ear wax in the ear canal is a common problem that can cause pain as well as a range of health problems. You can easily manage the condition. But if left untreated, ear wax build-up can adversely affect your health and quality of life. So it’s important to forego home remedies and seek professional ear wax treatment as soon as possible.

At Hearing Expert in Wirral, our same day ear wax removal service is quick, painless and effective. Our audiologists and fully qualified medical professionals safely remove excess earwax via instrumentation, syringing and microsuction.

At your appointment, we’ll ask you to fill in an ear health questionnaire. We then follow this with a painless video otoscopy to see what’s going on inside your ear. This procedure lets us know if too much ear wax (also known as cerumen) is the issue. It also provides us with more information so we can accurately determine our next steps.

What Are the Symptoms of Impacted Ear Wax?

  • Earache 
  • A feeling of fullness in the ear 
  • Ringing or noises in the ear (tinnitus)
  • Difficulty hearing
  • Dizziness
  • Ear infection

How Is Ear Wax Removed?

Your ear canal is delicate. So if you’re struggling with excessive ear wax, don’t poke inside your ear to try to remove it, as this can cause damage to the inner ear. Many people use cotton swabs to “clean” excess ear wax from their ears. However, this is more likely to cause earwax blockage and other issues that can lead to infection. Therefore, it is essential to see an ear wax removal specialist before any complications arise.

At Hearing Expert, our highly skilled team know what is required to provide the right treatment for you. There are three different ways to safely remove ear wax, which we explain below:

Ear Bud Diagram

1. Ear Instrumentation

In minor cases of soft wax or where excessive ear wax is close to the opening of your ear canal, we can use specially designed tools to remove ear wax manually.  Our experienced staff will gently tease the wax out of the ear canal. For cases of impacted or hard, dry ear wax, we may use this technique initially, before moving onto ear syringing or ear microsuction.

2. Ear Syringing

Alternatively, you may need your ear syringing, a procedure also known as ear irrigation. Ear syringing is painless and uses an electric pump to push warm water into your ear to wash the ear wax out. This method is best for removing wet or very soft wax that has collected on the eardrum.

3. Ear Microsuction

Microsuction of ear wax removal is widely considered to be the quickest and safest method of ear wax removal — even hard or impacted wax. The ear wax is vacuumed from the ear using a microscope and a small medically approved suction device, ensuring a comfortable patient experience.

View our blog post on How To Remove Ear Wax? for more information.

We sometimes use a combination of all three techniques to do the best possible job. Once the ear wax removal procedure is complete, we’ll provide you with professional advice on how to care for your ears in the future.

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At Hearing Expert, we take the time to understand exactly what you’re experiencing, so we can offer the ideal solution.

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Why Choose Hearing Expert?

Hearing Expert is the preferred clinic for earwax buildup removal because we pride ourselves on adding a personal touch to every appointment.

We know how important hearing is to the quality of your life, which is why we take the time to understand exactly what you’re experiencing so that we can offer the ideal solution. Our small team is like family, and we strive to do whatever we can to assist every patient in Wirral with the hearing problems they may be experiencing.

As a Hearing Expert patient suffering with hearing loss, you can expect to feel more like yourself in no time at all.

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Last minute appointment. Excellent service. Professional, efficient, trustworthy, courteous, reassuring all together amazing experience. Highly recommend. Thank you.

-Maria Polachowska

Great service – Ian was friendly, talked me through the process and offered to show my images inside my ear both before and after the wax removal process. It was quick, painless and my hearing was instantly improved. Highly recommended.

-Andrew Sweeney more

I have no hesitation in recommending Ian for anyone with hearing difficulties. I’ve been with Ian for several years now and he has never been anything less than thorough, professional and helpful.

-Brian Johnson