How to Get Used to Wearing a Hearing Aid

audiologist inserting hearing aid in senior's ear. getting used to wearing a hearing aid.

If you or one of your loved ones has recently been diagnosed with hearing loss, the prospect of wearing hearing aids can be daunting. What will they look like? Will they be uncomfortable? Which type is right for me? 

Hearing Expert’s experienced audiologists can provide advice, guidance and support to help you select a clinically appropriate hearing solution. They can also explain what to expect when you first start wearing your new hearing aids.

Some people are surprised to hear there is likely to be a period of adaptation. A person who has never worn hearing aids before will need to learn not only how to use their new hearing aids but also how to function in a world filled with sounds and sensations they have possibly not experienced for many years.

Our qualified audiologist will be your first and only point of contact and will see you through your journey to better hearing. Do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have as you get used to wearing a hearing aid for the first time.

Helpful Tips for Getting Used to Hearing Aids

1. Give Yourself Time to Adapt

By the time a person seeks help and is diagnosed with hearing loss, they have often been experiencing diminished hearing for some time. In the UK, one in six people have some degree of hearing loss, yet they wait on average for 10 years before seeking treatment.

Consequently, when a person wears hearing aids for the first time, it can be a disorienting and overwhelming experience as sounds muted for years are suddenly amplified. It is also important to know that hearing aids will not make the world sound exactly as it did before the hearing loss began. For example, some people are bewildered when their voice sounds different from what they expected.

You must allow yourself time to adapt. If during the first hours or days, wearing your new hearing aids feels unfamiliar, don’t avoid using them. There are many benefits of wearing hearing aids; they just take a little getting used to. 

2. Build up Usage Gradually

One way to combat the initial feeling of disorientation that some people experience is for the new user to wear their hearing aids only for short periods in the first instance. You can gradually increase the amount of usage as wearing the hearing aids becomes more comfortable and familiar.

Try wearing the hearing aids for just an hour or two a day at first. Use the time to learn how the hearing aids work and to adapt to how they feel. As you gain confidence, slowly increase the time spent wearing them. 

3. Try Your New Hearing Aids at Home First

In addition to gradually building the amount of time you wear the hearing aids, it’s advisable to slowly progress from using your aids in the comfort of your home to less familiar settings.

It’s easier to control the environment at home.  You can minimise noise and distractions — and you’ll feel less self-conscious about taking the time to adapt. Public spaces are often noisy with multiple conversations running simultaneously and background noise, such as coffee machines and road traffic. All of this makes the environment more challenging for a person who is wearing hearing aids for the first time.

4. Seek Advice and Support from Your Hearing Expert

After receiving a diagnosis of hearing loss and having your hearing aids fitted, your hearing expert will schedule at least one follow-up visit. Be sure to attend these sessions so the audiologist can make any necessary adjustments to your hearing equipment and help with any difficulties you may experience. 

Learn more about the Hearing Expert Promise. Our qualified audiologist will work with you to resolve any problems, ensuring patient satisfaction is guaranteed.

5. Practice in Different Situations

When wearing hearing aids for the first time, sounds and sensations will feel different or new. As with many things in life, practice is the key to success.

Try out your hearing aids in different situations. If your voice sounds strange, try reading aloud for ten minutes every day to familiarise yourself with it. Learn how to use your hearing aids in different social settings, progressing from a one-to-one conversation to a group discussion. Start in quiet environments and gradually introduce settings where there is some background noise to contend with. Before you know it, you’ll be fully participating in your life again and enjoying a world rich in sound. 

There are many benefits of wearing hearing aids, from boosting job performance to enhancing social interactions and the overall quality of life. It may take a little time and practice to get used to your new hearing aid, but you’ll certainly reap the rewards in the long-run. 

Are you experiencing hearing loss? Contact us to discuss your needs and book a hearing test today. Our qualified audiologists are available to provide expert advice and help you on every step of your journey to better hearing.